search text in Finale files

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search text in Finale files

Beitrag von amelchi » So Sep 08, 2019 6:12 pm

besides the "Text Search and Replace...", is there a way (a plugin) that allows to search a text (let's say a Lyric text) in Finale files even if they are not open?
Using generic Mac search utility (HoudahSpot, FAF, Easyfind) searching doesn't seem able to look inside the Finale files (as for instance can do in WOrd files...)



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Re: search text in Finale files

Beitrag von Harald » Mi Sep 11, 2019 12:38 pm

Finale uses an proprietary database format called "Enigma", which is not directly accessible from the outside:

Enigma Database
Internally, Finale stores its database, historically called Enigma data which is loaded/saved from/to the database. Different data record types have different access parameters. However, the PDK Framework “hides” all calls to the database through its classes and methods.


So you would either need to open each file in Finale and search for a text (which could be automated by a script) or each file would have to be saved in a text-searchable format like e.g. MusicXML prior to the search (which could also be automated by a script).
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